Maserati’s First SUV Maserati Levante 2017 Uncovered

For the very first time, Maserati a well-known Italian car brand has brought its first SUV, Maserati Levante 2017 on display.  The new Maserati Levante 2017 is a stylish and strong SUV that gives an over-whelming driving experience. Its sporty and aggressive looks and robust performance features are best suited for off-road experiences. This SUV has all over changed exterior as compared to other Maserati cars as it’s different from them in its fundamental category. Being a modern day Sports Utility Vehicle, it has all the updated features required as standard. The all new Maserati SUV might be new in the market but the reliability of the company and its vehicles makes it the ideal choice for an SUV in coming years.

We shall review this modern day vehicle of Maserati in detail here:

Engine versions and their capacity

Maserati Levante 2017 is offered in two engine choices; one is turbocharged V8 engine and second is V6 plug-in Hybrid engine. The 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged engine has three more options of two directly injected gasoline versions and one diesel version.

One of the gasoline injected versions has the capacity to produce 345 horsepower and a torque of 369 lb-ft. It also tends to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6 seconds. Whereas second gasoline inserted version propels maximum horsepower of 424hp and a peak torque of 428lb-ft with acceleration range in between 0-60 mph in5.2 seconds.

The other diesel version of Levante 2017 generates horsepower of 271 and torque of 443 lb-ft. With this engine version, the SUV can hit 62 mph speed in 6.9 seconds. The three V6 turbocharged engine gets powered by 8- speed automatic gearbox which will be standard. The drive of Maserati Levante 2017 is all wheel drive and it distributes equal ratio of torque to its front and rear wheels making drive quicker than you imagine.

Catchy Exterior of Maserati Levante 2017

The front of Maserati Levante 2017 receives a hexagonal grille and sharp design fog lamps which make it look aggressive. Under the bumper, air vents and Maserati badge at center of hexagonal grille further make it looks attractive. Looking at the back of SUV Maserati Levante 2017, there is a roof mounted spoiler and it has curvy shape. Further exterior features include thick hood, quad exhaust and frameless windows etc. enhancing overall looks of the SUV.

Inside of 2016 Maserati Levante

Maserati has not modified the interior of this SUV from its previous cars and it resembles much to the earlier sedans of the company. This new SUV receives some modern technologies into it. The infotainment system is operated by a rotary dial. It has apple and android car play system. Further, Maserati provides you the option to customize the SUV as per your choice.

interior of Maserati Levante 2017

Price and market Launch of Levante 2017

The price of Maserati Levante 2017 is around $55,000 for a diesel version whereas V6 base Gasoline injected Version will be priced at $70,000. Further prices for Plug-in hybrid and turbocharged V8 would be disclosed at vehicle launch into the market for sales. It is expected that the vehicle will be available in the market September this year.

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