Sports Cars: A Historical Overview of the Top Manufacturing Brands

Sports cars have always been able to entice the car enthusiasts from all age groups. These vehicles have entertained generations because the car manufacturing brands are well aware of the impact these vehicles have on the sports car enthusiasts.

As a result, it developed a severe competition among the sports car manufacturing brands. Survival became quite difficult as the examples of Bugatti and Bentley losing their way and Volkswagen acquiring them prove the extent of the competition.

However, the art of the manufacturing of top sport coupes always remained alongside the British, American, and Italian companies. An example from each one includes the famous McLaren, Cadillac, and Lamborghini.

Taking the discussion further, let us have a detailed look at the history of top sports cars manufacturing brands and see how they thrived in order to compete in such a competitive environment.

McLaren: A British Pioneer of Sports Cars

McLaren has been one of the veterans in the car manufacturing sector. Beginning from the 1960s as a brainchild of the renowned Bruce McLaren, this brand brought impressive innovation in the world of sports cars. When the M6GT hit the road for the very first time, it was one of the fastest cars of that time.

McLaren: A British Pioneer of Sports Cars

Even then, Bruce was not ready to stop at the first prototype as he had a brilliant incremental model in his mind. An attempt was made in order to overcome the flaws in the M6GT and a newer model by the name GT was launched in the following decade.

Unfortunately, Bruce was not able to continue innovating the production of latest models because of his untimely death. This changed the situation a great deal as the company was acquired by Ford, which decided to rebuild the company, however, it was not until 1989 that a proper company was launched under the name McLaren once again.

This was a game changer in the automotive sector as the introduction of McLaren F1 engineered by BMW revolutionized the world of sports cars entirely. It is still known as one of the top sport coupes to enter the automotive sector ever. As the ravishing beauty can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, it brought a significant amount of competition for the other sports car manufacturing brands.

Talking about its production today, the F1 was followed by the latest McLaren P1 which is one of the most popular sport coupes of the current era. Therefore, we can clearly see the intent and the commitment it took to innovate the production of sports cars by McLaren.

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Ferrari: Italian di Classe

Ferrari is also one of the most famous sports car manufacturing brands with worldwide recognition. Renowned as a manufacturer of top sports cars, Ferrari has a history that dates back to 1939 when Enzo Ferrari, the owner of the company, decided to take a bold step to make it all happen.

Ferrari: Italian di Classe

Since then, the company saw a number of challenges, but was eventually able to cope with all of them in a successful manner. It all began with the production being limited because of the First World War. However, the company achieved several milestones after the war ended.

After some time, it became harder for Ferrari to survive in a really competitive environment. As a result, 50% shares of the company were sold to FIAT. This percentage kept rising in a gradual manner and eventually saw its peak by reaching 90% in 1988. This was the most challenging time for the company as the founder Enzo Ferrari died that year.

In spite of all the difficulties that existed, the company was finally able to come out of them successfully in 2013 as it started its operation separately once again. The masterpieces created by Ferrari include a long list.

However, the fact that Ferrari has got 226 F1 Grand Prix to its name along with several other titles explains the quality of the sports cars manufactured by Ferrari. The 250 GTO manufactured by Ferrari is still one of the top choices among car enthusiasts.

Dodge: The American Competitor

This American Car Manufacturing Company included the efforts of two brothers named as John and Horace Dodge. After selling their business of bicycles in 1900, they decided to enter the automotive sector. The craftsmanship they had enabled them to work with the tycoons of the automotive industry. For instance, they were hired by Henry Ford, the owner of a famous American sports coupes manufacturing brand, to work on the creation of axles and transmission.

Dodge: The American Competitor

The opportunity to work at Ford worked well for the Dodge brothers as the failure of Henry Ford to pay them enforced him to sell them the shares of the company. However, they sold the shares back to Ford shortly afterward and created their own company named Dodge in 1913.

The first creation was a four cylinder car back in 1914 and it is reported that they sold 250 pieces in the first year, whereas the number boosted and went up to 45,000 the very next year. This aided the strength of the company and it became a prominent one in the automotive sector.

However, the Dodge brothers were not very fortunate as life did not allow them to take the company to greater levels of success. Affected by a flu and pneumonia in 1920, John Dodge passed away whereas Horace followed him in the next year. Therefore, the company did not have anyone to continue the operation after them.

As a result, the shares of the company were sold to a bank in USD 146 million and were bought by a famous automotive manufacturing company named Chrysler for USD 170 million. The worth of Dodge was so great that it made Chrysler the third largest automotive manufacturing company worldwide.

What made them Different?

Apart from the companies mentioned in this article, there are a lot of other prominent names in the automotive sector. These companies might not have achieved to the extent which their competitors did, but the point to ponder on is the potential they had and the creative minds that enabled them to achieve so much in a short period of time.

Furthermore, what makes them different from rest of the sports cars manufacturing brands is the innovation, creativity, and class they had in their creation that enabled them to be ranked among the top manufacturers of top sport coupes.

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