Sport luxury cars – 2020 Milan Red with a Massive 1,325 Horsepower

Sport luxury cars category has some of the breathtaking German and US made sports cars, whereas, an Austrian automotive company has get into the game now. The Milan Automotive claims to build a vehicle that can beat Koenigsegg, Pagani and Bugatti with its immense horsepower and performance. With a unique abstract design and high-tech specifications, this hypercar is going to beat the rivals which are the industry’s giants. This really is a big claim and whether the Milan Red lives up to its claim or not will be revealed once it is on the road.

The Milan Red in sport luxury cars is an ICE powered hypercar and does not require any electric assistance and has a very unique design. The Milan Red hypercar is powered by a V8 engine and has the immense torque to beat the giants in sport luxury car segment with its exhilarating performance and specifications. Milan Automotive has chosen the name of this car after being inspired by a bird Rotmilan translated into German and which is actually the red kite bird of prey. The name is also interesting as well as the claims, rumours and the details launched until now. It is not chosen just to envision a name that looks creative but also has a deep meaning that runs around its philosophy. Also, the design of Milan Red is inspired by the Rotmilan flying and this unique abstract design is making headlines undoubtedly. The car will be a limited edition, whereas, 15 of its units are already sold.

Design of the 2020 Milan Red – Sport Luxury Cars

An abstract and unique design with aerodynamics to offer great ride every time, the Milan Red in sport luxury cars is a stunning beauty. The front wing has integrated splitter and brake cooling ducts and the rear wing comes with a Dynamic rear wing position with airbrake function to deliver maximum performance on the road. CEO of the Milan has chosen the designer for the Lada Raven Concept to design this latest entry of sport luxury cars gem, Dmitry Lazarev created the concept for AutoVAZ who later on unaccepted the design, saying they do not make cars without trunks. However, an agreement was signed between Lazarev and Fux in which the Lada Raven is now the Milan Red.

Design of 2020 Milan Red

Design details are made to compliment the mid-engine layout and double clutch transmission and this high-tech hypercar with an artistic touch look very attractive from every angle.  The CEO Markus Fux said that the Milan Red has one purpose that is to steal the show and this is what it did on the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The powerful presence and some serious design elements make this car a treat to the eyes. Upfront massive intakes at both the sides and the elements closely following the mid-engine layout needs and a double clutch transmission leaves an impressive stance on the onlookers.

Made from plenty of carbon fibre, rear-frame structure, monocoque and body panels, the Red seems not only good looking but powerful as well. The Milan Red is going to be the first ever street legal hypercar produced that has carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) double-wishbone suspension.

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Performance Specifications of the Milan Red

Milan Red is a rear-wheel drive hypercar and a 6.2-liter quad-turbo V8 powered engine that produces a whopping amount of 1,032 pound-feet of torque and 1,325 horsepower. All this performance is without any electric motor assistance. The engine is mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, with 20-inch front and 21-inch rear aluminium wheels. It is also low in weight due to the carbon fibre load-bearing structural components and suspension wishbones and weighs only 1,300 kilograms.

Performance of 2020 Milan Red

Moreover, the company claims that this sport luxury cars newest entry can sprint from 0 to 62 mph in merely 2.47 seconds, 0 to 124 mph in 5.46 and 0 to 186 mph in 9.98 seconds. It has a top speed of 248 mph recorded till now which is slightly less than the Bugatti Chiron.

Safety and Technological Features – Sport Luxury Cars

The safety cannot be compromised when Red is all set to deliver performance.  The Milan Red is manufactured with carbon fibre and has the suspension system, crash box, passenger cell, CFRP crash structure, rear subframe bearing engine and other such properties making it safe. The Formula 1 specialist company PEAK Technology from Austria to make this hypercar safe and deliver exhilarating performance.

Safety Feaures of 2020 Milan Red


The exceptional braking performance delivers the right stopping when it is needed, and the “Milan High Downforce Diffuser” is developed to maximize the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle.  Milan has connected with some of the business giants to make this high-tech hypercar worthy of its price tag. Urus, world’s biggest producer of brakes on a road-legal production car was partnered with the company. They equipped the 440mm carbon ceramic discs up front with 10 piston callipers. Seeing the performance features, it was a high need for this hypercar to be light in weight which was only possible due to extensive use of carbon fibre.


Sport luxury cars having futuristic technologies, exhilarating performance and features to make your rides extraordinary and adventures require an expensive price tag too. Thus, the Milan Red is also priced at an insanely high price, $2.3 million because of its appeal, performance and specifications that give an unparalleled performance in the hypercar segment.

Price of 2020 Milan Red

Only 99 units will be made and each will be customized as per the owner’s requirements and preferences. These all will be unique and one of their own kind in the automotive industry. Whereas, there are many rivals of Milan Red which are high-performance and truly the industry’s gems. Austria’s take on hypercar in sport luxury cars that deliver performance and has good looks is highly appreciated but nowhere it’s confirmed that it can beat the already existing masterpieces and kings of hypercars.

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