A Complete Guide to Buying Luxury Sports Cars

The people living in the UAE have the soft corner for luxury sports cars. Everyone who can afford to buy one has at least one sports car in their garage. There are literally hundreds of luxury sports car brands that are producing the best of the best sports cars for their consumers all over the world.

Brands such as Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and many more update their top luxury sports cars every year. With so much variety, it becomes very difficult for any sports car enthusiast to buy a car that fits his requirements.

However, we have the complete guide to buying a luxury sports car for you right here. Keep this in your mind and make sure you understand each point because this will help you narrow down your choices ad help you pick that one sports car that suits you the best.

Sure you will have to compromise, but when you are buying a luxury sports car, you should not have to compromise so much. Here is a complete guide to buying luxury sports cars in the UAE.

Important Things to Know About Luxury Sports Cars

There are some things that you should know about luxury sports cars. These include:

  • You should know that many sports cars are not driven every day. They are taken to the roads on very special occasions and this is the reason why fuel economy is not one of their strong suits.
  • However, that does not mean that sports car don’t have good mileage, there are many sports cars that bring you brilliant fuel efficiency.
  • You also need to consider space. There are many brands that will fit in a rear seat in an already small cabin, so you need to decide of you want two seats or four.
  • Also, you need to be careful about the rear visibility. Sometimes style can make the brands compromise on visibility, so make sure you check that when you are buying a sports car, luxury or not.

Learn the Types of Sports Cars

There are multiple types of sports cars that you will find in the car market in the UAE. There are basically four types of sports cars. These are:

Sport Sedans

These are high performance sports cars with superb handling. Since they fall in the sedan category, you can easily buy this, especially if you want a four seat ride. Sport sedans have powerful engines, pretty exteriors and strong brakes. With their four doors, you can easily seat four to five people comfortable, cargo space is a major plus of these vehicles.

Sport Sedans


This is the most popular type of sports cars that you will see on the roads. All most all luxury sports car brands have coupes as the base model for their cars. Coupes are two door rides with a swooping rear style. These are low riders that are very entertaining to drive on highways and in the cities as well. Coupes come in two seats and four seats variety. These cars have a short wheelbase which means that if your chosen car has back seats, they are going to be cramped.



If you go by definition, a Roadster is a two seat sports car that has a convertible top. Again, these are one of the most entertaining luxury cars that you will drive, but they have one flaw, you just cannot drive them year round. You cannot drive them in rain or snow or, in case of the UAE, dust storms. The rear seat accommodations are cramped, so be careful about that.



The hatchbacks are practical rather than thrilling, yet at the same time they are wonderful to look at. You will often find a large rear lift gate and the rear seats can fold to maximize the cargo space. One good thing about sporty hatchbacks is that they are less expensive than most luxury sports cars you will find in the UAE market.


Features You Should Consider Before You Buy Any Sports Car

There are some features that you should consider before you buy any sports car from any luxury sports car brands. Here are some standard things that you should consider.

  • Fuel Economy and Engine: One thing that you should know about sports cars is that they don’t need to have a big engine to be able to be fun to drive. Since cars that are smaller size perform better with normal engine because of their light weight construction. Also, they offer better handling as well. Having a V8 or V6 engine is not the only that would make a sports car entertaining to drive.
  • Transmission: It is not necessary to have a manual transmission to be more in control of the drive. Modern luxury sports cars have automatic transmission that are just as engaging as many old manual transmission.
  • Handling: The handling is one of the key features of a sports car. Good sports cars have quick steering response, minimal body lean and better steering feedback. One simple test drive will let you know if the sports car you are buying is worth it or not.
  • Drive Options: Sports cars tend to be rear wheel drives. This is because this way, these cars have better weight distribution and greater response. Front wheel drives can be limiting, especially when you are executing a tight corner turn. If you don’t want a rear wheel drive, you should opt for all-wheel drive because it is even better and little more expensive as well.
  • Safety Features: Since these cars have high speed, these cars tend to be involved in road accidents, this is the reason why the latest luxury sports cars have better safety features. Features such as antilock brakes, electronic stability control, airbags, lane-departure warning system, blind-spot warning and collision-avoidance systems are just some of the features that you should look out for in a sports car, luxury or not.
  • Entertainment Features: Features such as Bluetooth connectivity, voice activation systems, good audio systems, HD and satellite radio, connectivity systems and navigation systems are all the perks that you will get when you buy a luxury sports car. Of course, heated seats, climate control and cruise control are also one of those perks that you should always have.

One Last Thing to Consider

There is one last thing you should consider: should you buy a new sports car or a used sports car. Both of them have their own advantages, but it is always better to check your budget before you make any decision. Luxury sports cars can be expensive and this is the reason why you will find any people UAE trying to buy used sports cars. However, if you have the budget you should buy a new sports car with the latest features and better options.

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