Best Sports Cars – Aston Martin Vulcan and its Impressive Features

Knowing the latest news and happenings about the best sports cars and electric sports car brands brings lots of excitement among the car enthusiasts. Many car buyers search for sports cars for sale to pick the right option.

However, the speed lovers looking for the best sports cars must know about Aston Martin Vulcan. It is a high-performance luxury sports car that features stunning exterior and delivers marvelous performance. This sports car made its world premiere last year at Geneva motor show and impressed car lovers with its intelligent features.

Aston Martin Vulcan is another special addition in Aston Martin’s luxury sports cars that are very popular all around the world. From its light-weight body to excellent drive features, Vulcan is meant to exhilarate the sporty passion of driving enthusiasts.

Let’s talk about its engine, design features and performance in detail.

Best Sports Cars – Aston Martin Vulcan and its Impressive Design

Whenever we talk about the design features of the best sports cars, we find an impressive range of features. Looking at the exterior of the Vulcan, the front carries LED headlights, wrap-around screen and front splitter. The rear side has a diffuser, wing and the unique ‘Light Blade’ lamps. All design elements together provide an excellent balance to the car while driving at high speed.

The roll cage of this car is built to provide strength to the car that provides maximum protection in case of an accident. The interior of Vulcan offers perfect seating position while driver’s display presents all performance data in a classified way. In order to enhance in-car communication, a driver’s intercom is attached as well.

Best Sports Cars - Aston Martin Vulcan and its Impressive Design

Prominent Features

Talking about the most prominent features of Aston Martin Vulcan, you will find limited-slip differential, driver-adjustable ABS, and a magnesium torque tube. The carbon-fibre propeller shaft, anti-roll bars, carbon ceramic brakes and a variable traction control system makes driving it on the race tracks supremely rewarding. The car is also equipped with a fire extinguisher that offers quick help in case of a hazard.

Prominent Features

Powerful Engine

Talking about the engine of Aston Martin Vulcan, it is powered by a 7-litre V12 engine mated to 6-speed sequential shift gearbox. The powerful engine propels impressive 800 horsepower and 575lb-ft torque that makes it an excellent sports car for racing enthusiasts.

Furthermore, this super car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just 3 seconds while it can hit the top speed of 320 mph. All thanks to its aerodynamic balance and carbon-fibre monocoque chassis that make it quicker and robust than its competitor cars.

Powerful Engine

Price of Aston Martin Vulcan

While looking for the best sports cars you should consider Aston Martin Vulcan. It is available for sales in the UAE and GCC market at starting price of AED 8 million. Since this ultra-high luxury supercar is exclusively built, it is offered in limited numbers.

Aston Martin Vulcan is the best option for rich car enthusiasts looking for high-performance sports cars. However, the car enthusiasts looking for affordable sports cars can find other good options as well.

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